Emvi Is Out of Beta!

18. September 2020

Product Update — July 2020

This month we have focused on preparing the first release of Emvi, so we only have a small product update for you. If nothing goes wrong, Emvi will leave the Beta in August. With this release, all Expert organizations will be downgraded to Entry. But don't worry, no data will be lost. Many features will only be available with an Expert organization, but the Entry plan will remain free forever.

31. July 2020

Product Update — June 2020

It has been a while since our last product update. In the past three months, we have worked on the new user interface announced on our blog in March (see A New, Experimental User Interface). It took us a little longer than expected, but we think it was worth the effort.

18. June 2020

How to Create a Custom Icon Font

At some point in creating a web application, you might find yourself in need of some sort of iconography. Icons help to convey certain actions faster, because they are easier to process, need no translation and resemble established patterns users are already familiar with.

17. April 2020

Product Update — April 2020

March was a special month for us. We tested out a new, experimental user interface for Emvi, which gained a lot of attention and we collected insightful feedback. At the same time, we worked on a few smaller features and improved the overall stability and performance of our infrastructure. Let's get started!

29. March 2020

A New, Experimental User Interface

Creating an efficient user interface is hard. Modern applications attach great importance to a beautiful and practical user interface, that can be learned in a short time and that corresponds to what users already know. The interaction with websites is becoming increasingly blurred with that of classical desktop applications. Besides, the scope is continuously growing.

15. March 2020

Product Update — March 2020

This month we have a major product update for you, which brings new editor features and improves the searchability of information. As always we have fixed bugs and made other technical improvements.

27. February 2020

Product Update — February 2020

After the 500th organization has been created this week, we have rolled out the second major update of the year. It contains new features and improvements, which have resulted from your feedback. We have also fixed some bugs and further improved stability.

29. January 2020

Product Update — January 2020

We hope you all had a relaxing end of 2019 and a happy holiday. In the meantime, we have been busy and have exciting news and a big product update for you this month! As announced, we are following our roadmap for 2020 and collect feedback to improve Emvi even further.

7. January 2020

Sign In To Emvi With Your Google, Slack or GitHub Account

As of today, you can log into Emvi using your existing Google, Slack or GitHub account. This has the advantage that you don't have to remember a password for Emvi. Instead, you can just use one of your existing accounts.

15. December 2019

Luhmann’s Zettelkasten — A Productivity Tool That Works Like Your Brain

Niklas Luhmann was a german sociologist and system theorist. Born in Lüneburg, Germany in 1927, he spent most of his life studying the socio-ecologial structure of societies, being one of the most important scientists of the 20th century in this field. Furthermore he is considered to be one of the most productive scientists yet. In his career, he wrote about 60 books and other documents without the help of assistants. An impressive amount of publications.

25. November 2019

Emvi is Now in Open Beta!

After roughly 3 years of working on Emvi in our free time, we finally open it up to everyone. Read on what we are planning here.

24. November 2019

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