Knowledge sorted.

Whether it's documentation, tutorials or your internal newsletter. Emvi lets anyone in your company find, retain and share information.

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Goodbye, folders

An organization's knowledge rarely fits inside a tree-like structure. Keeping documents in silos builds borders between departments, teams and employees.

Structured by content

Emvi leaves old-timey folders and messy channels behind. Organize articles with tags and curate them to lists. Fine-grained rights management gives full control.


Intuitive writing

Create beautiful articles with an easy-to-use editor powered by real-time collaboration, inline mentions and an automatic table of contents.


Mighty search

Emvi is centered around its powerful search. Combinable filters and a complete article change history make sure nothing is ever lost.


Set up for teamwork

Stay informed with notifications and always up-to-date documents. Emvi provides a toolset for every team, whether you work in the same office or around the globe.


One internal wiki, fewer emails

Knowledge Base

Experience is a companies greatest asset, Emvi gives employees a place to write it down.


Keep your projects in check by making information accessible without getting lost in folder limbo.


Improve teamwork by enabling users to help each other and themselves.


Meetings, phone calls or a quick chat in the office — save your daily thoughts for the long term.

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