Product Update — January 2020

Welcome to 2020!

We hope you all had a relaxing end of 2019 and happy holidays. In the meantime we have been busy and have exciting news and a big product update for you this month! As announced, we are following our roadmap for 2020 and collect feedback to improve Emvi even further.

Product Hunt Launch

Emvi is now live on Product Hunt. We hope to gain new users and receive critical feedback. Please stop by and leave us an Upvote, we look forward to your support!

A New Layout

We were not yet satisfied with Emvi's layout, as we want to improve the presentation and searchability of articles and other content even further. The new layout brings significantly more space and thus more options for presenting content. We're planning extensive and customizable dashboards on the start page to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

We've also improved usability with the new layout. Navigation is accessible from anywhere, and search is now more in focus as one of our key features. You can create new articles, lists and groups from anywhere.

The search also provides more relevant results for article content and has become somewhat faster.

Mobile Support

Until now, Emvi has not been optimal to use on mobile devices. We have now changed that. The new layout is optimized for mobile devices, providing adapted menus and editor functions. This means that Emvi is now also ideal for mobile use, for example if you want to look up or write something down quickly on the train or during a business trip.

Optimized Article History

The history of an item can be used to track exactly who has changed something at which point in time, and in case of doubt, any state can be restored. Our update brings a new and clearer view of the changes and the feature to delete entries from the history. If, for example, you have accidentally saved information in an article that should not be viewed by others, you can now permanently undo this.

Did we miss something?

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