Our Roadmap for Early 2020


We launched Emvi in Beta last week. This week, we would like to talk about what we have planned for our first release in 2020 when we're leaving Beta.


Emvi is already accessible and easy to use, but we would like to lower the entry barrier even further. To do that, we are working on a short introduction, which will be created alongside new organizations to help you getting started with Emvi. At the same time the intro shows off some of the most critical features of Emvi and can be used as a starting point for your own knowledge base.

Optimized Search

A strong focus on search is one of Emvi's main benefits. We believe finding information is more important than spending time organizing and maintaining a structure. Right now, we have implemented a very powerful and flexible search engine, but we would like to improve it even further. This includes showing more relevant search results and hints on what you might be missing, like archived articles for example.


Emvi collects usage statistics for your organizations. It keeps track of how often an article is read, clapped for or recommended. For our first release in 2020, we will make these statistics visible to you and help you to improve your knowledge base. Here are some examples what the statistics will be used for:

  • outdated articles will be marked, so that you can decide what to do with them

  • you will receive information about overall activity

  • see who read an article and how much they upvoted it on an per article level

  • long-term statistics as charts

More Details on Member Profiles

If you're interested in the work and activities of a specific member in particular, the member's profile doesn't include much information about that right now. We'll change that to provide a deeper insight in what your collegues are working on to further improve teamwork.

Editor Improvements

The editor is the central element of Emvi and we have plenty of ideas for it. Our roadmap for new features and improvements include:

  • hints, to hightlight important parts of your articles that need special attention or provide additional information

  • embeds, including PDFs right in the article, watching videos and more

  • inline comments, to allow users to discuss questions, leave feedback or mark passages that require changes

Expert Organizations

Once we have left Beta, some of our features will become part of our paid plan. Expert Organizations allow you to build a scalable and living knowledge base for your team or company, but if you prefer to stay on our free plan, you will keep access to your data.

Are you missing a feature?

Contact us on Twitter @emviSpectrum or by writing to support@emvi.com.

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