Emvi is Now in Open Beta!

After roughly 3 years of working on Emvi in our free time, we finally open it up to everyone. Read on what we are planning here.



Emvi is our approach on a real-time knowledge base for companies and teams of any size. It is designed to be used by anyone - technical and non-technical users - to create living documents during their daily work. Documentations, tutorials, protocols or newsletters to name a few.

We felt the need for a platform that brings all these things together after working in companies where information was difficult to find and even harder to maintain. Important knowledge was shared by sending PDFs in countless emails or were locked up in complicated folder structures. It was unclear which documents were still relevant.


In contrast to other wikis Emvi has no strict hierarchy. Articles are linked internally, curated to lists or given tags to group them to a broader topic. Every article has its own permission settings, to assure it can only be accessed by the right people. The goal is to have only one copy of a document at any given time.

Beta and Updates

During our beta all of Emvis features are free to use. We would like to collect critical feedback to improve on usability and stability. We are still working on new features like comments, read suggestions and line-by-line article change view. Furthermore, Emvi will be optimized for mobile devices in the near future. A more detailed roadmap for updates will be published soon.

You can create an account here and start writing now. In case you run into problems or want to send us feedback you can contact us on Twitter @emviSpectrum or by writing to support@emvi.com.

Our plan is to leave beta state in the first half of 2020 at which point we will start the paid subscription plan with all features. We will start offering an on-premises solution to enable anyone to run Emvi on their own hardware in the future.

In case you are a developer, we also offer a client API. You can follow its development on GitHub, starting with JavaScript and Go. In fact, this blog is build on top of our client API, too.

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